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Home care that breaks down the barriers associated with illness and disease so you can get back to enjoying life.
We combine the benefits of traditional care services with recreation therapy.
Some benefits of recreation therapy include:
• Lower signs of depression and social isolation
• Increase physical activity
• Increase sense of belonging and self-esteem
• Rediscovery of past leisure interests.
• Improved quality of life and self-worth.
• Reminiscing with those who have dementia/Alzheimer.
• Re-integration back into community activities.
• Respite for caregivers
As a care giver you want the best for your loved one. If you are afar and unable to be there as much as you’d like or close by and your loved one requires more than you can provide Brooke’s Home Care will bring you the peace of mind you are looking for. We will provide you with updates on a regular basis and a summary at the end of each month.
We will be there to support you during times of transition and change and will become part of your loved one’s healthcare team. Our passion for high quality care will be the breath of fresh air you and your loved one are looking for.
Care Services
With care and compassion we will help your loved one maintain normalcy as we assist with activities of daily living.
You will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for by a professional recreation therapist.
Activities may include:
• Basic housekeeping
• Meal preparation
• Grocery shopping
• Basic laundry service
  • Running errands
• Basic personal care
• Medical appointments
• Medication reminders
As we age we may begin to show signs of social isolation and loneliness. The professionals at Brooke’s Home Care are there as a friend, a confidant and a listening ear when time is needed to simply relax and enjoy the companionship of another.
It may be reviewing the daily news, enjoying a cup of tea to completing a crossword puzzle - we are there to enjoy quality time with your loved one!
They will become renewed, refreshed and find a new joy for living they may have thought was lost.
At Brooke’s Home Care we don’t waste time, we make time live!
People of all ages feel energized, engaged and part of a greater community when able to get out and about to enjoy community events, venues and local hidden treasures.
Brooke’s Home Care values leading an active and social lifestyle and will include community outings that will revive, energize and engage your loved one.
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