We bring out the colour in life.
Home care that breaks down the barriers associated with illness and disease so you can get back to enjoying life.

What does our care look like?

Our team is passionate about the benefits of recreation therapy and true client centered care.  We come prepared to each visit with a few activities in mind but ultimately, follow the lead of our client.  This may look like going to a local park, the Royal Botanical Gardens, a coffee shop, running errands, working on an art project, playing the piano, gardening, help to organize a closet, hand massage, reading to our client, engaging in sensory based activities for those with later stage dementia, crossword puzzles, painting, taking our client to an activity or class within the community and much more.

When we arrive, we check in with our client and follow their lead for the day.  If they are feeling tired, we will modify our plan and be sure to listen to their needs.  If they have an idea of their own, for example; going to their favourite store, we will do our best to make that happen. We are your best choice for premium home care services.

Care Services
With care and compassion we will help your loved one maintain normalcy as we assist with activities of daily living. You will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for by a professional recreation therapist.
As we age we may begin to show signs of social isolation and loneliness. The professionals at Brooke’s Home Care are there as a friend, a confidant and a listening ear when time is needed to simply relax and enjoy the companionship of another.
Brooke’s Home Care values leading an active and social lifestyle and will include community outings that will revive, energize and engage your loved one.
“We look beyond the barriers associated with disease, illness and aging and work to increase the quality of life for all”.
Brooke Beney – Recreation Therapist / Founder


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